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Laundry washing

The basic washing unit is a high-density continual machine Kannagieser (vintage 2005), iron unit Kannagieser a Jensen. The laundry capacity is approx. 20 t.

The washing process uses a modern continual washing machine, the Kannagieser which can be amended to a drum washing machine for special orders. The whole washing process is directed by computers connected to the evaluation detector in each operational cycle, eliminating human error. All textiles are washed at temperatures of 90-93 degrees, which ensures the disinfection of all textiles.

Washing liquids

The general supplier of chemicals is the Christeyns N.V. company, which ensures the best washing program for each type of textile. The programs are set up with consideration to the effect of the washing cycle on specific textiles. Wash water is softened to the hardness of 0-2 deg. on the German scale, ensuring that there is no salt settlement in the textiles. Apart from regular testing of equipment conducted by the Christeyns N.V. company, the quality is regularly controlled by specialists from the CWS company from Germany. Additionally, since one of our clients is a top medical institution, regular biological and bacteriological tests of the operational employees are ensured. Results of regular inspections and testing are consistently marked as "excellent quality".


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